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Great American Shows  was founded by Greg and Edwina Maturo in the early 1990's after Greg's father Lawrence Maturo retired from the amusement business as owner of Greater American Carnival. Greg and Edwina take great pride in carrying on the tradition and values established by Greg's parents during their years in the business as owners of Greater American Carnival. 

Today, Great American Shows operates over 15 rides, plus several games and food concessions at our events.  We also provide guest amenities such as garbage disposal containers and seating benches throughout our midways.

A note from Greg Maturo, President -

Greetings ALL Festival-Goers and Carnival Committee Members!

My name is Greg Maturo, and I would like to take a minute to tell you about our company. Great American Shows  is a family owned and operated carnival based in western Kentucky. Our heritage in the amusement and carnival industry spans over 5 generations and over 100 years, including dates back to the days of the traveling circus. We currently operate an active route in the greater states of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Throughout our years, we have assembled an operating team where each member has an average of five to ten years of carnival and midway operations experience, with some of our senior staff having an entire lifetime devoted to this industry. Our team has a company dress code, which includes clean attire and appearances, company show shirts, and identification badges. This team is also professionally trained in the safe operation of all equipment and rides, as well as customer courtesy and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in our safety record in the amusement industry, and will always move forward in our ventures with the customer’s safety and satisfaction as our TOP priority!

The mission of Great American Shows is to provide your event with a safe, courteous, clean, and professional operation, while still offering you the best deals possible in financing and planning of your event.

If you are currently planning an event, and would like to include us as profitable part of your venture, please feel free to contact us at ANY time or fill out our questionaire for booking an event.  We would like to hear from you, as we have many flexible options available for your event - and one of our representatives will contact you directly regarding your booking information request!

Thank you for your consideration of Great American Shows for your event!

Greg Maturo, President
Great American Shows of Madisonville, Kentucky


Due to the competitive nature of the carnival business we can not post the sources of these testimonials here. However, we would be happy to send you a complete list of references if you will request them in writing on your company or municipal letterhead. Please see our contact information to reach us or fill out our booking questionnaire for more information.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Maturo:

I just wanted to thank you for your time in visiting with the Commissioner and myself last Friday. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning a bit about the 'ins and outs' of your business. I especially would like to thank you both for the wonderful evening my family and I enjoyed when we visited the carnival grounds over the weekend and witnessed your operation in full swing. Your claims to a family-oriented, safe, and entertaining environment were completely validated by my experience.

I have brought the project to the attention of the Mayor and he is very supportive. We will be discussing the idea further with the other Council members and forwarding any decisions regarding the idea to on to you.

Again, accept my gratitude for your visit to our city and giving your professional opinion regarding possible sites for a future carnival set-up. It certainly seems a workable project and we would be very fortunate to have you and your family provide services to our community considering the fine impression you have already made.


City Commissioner (name omitted*)

We have had them (Great American Carnival) several times per year. They are good about clean up and setup. They are good to work with, have a pleasing personality, are very polite to customers, and will solve problems immediately.

Great American Shows are very good! The main thing is they are DEPENDABLE. We have used them many times. They are very accommodating and polite. They will remedy problems, if any, immediately. They are geared for family.

Great American Shows are really good to work with. We have stringent safety guidelines, which Great American Shows meet! We use them every year.

We have had Great American Shows 2 years at our fair. They are very good to work with, and we have much praise for them. They met everything they promised and were easy to settle payment with. They are very honest and have good employees.

Dear Mr. Maturo:

This is to inform you that this city, and most importantly, the families that took part in the Festival by riding your equipment, were more than satisfied that we contracted with Great American Carnival and by this letter we are requesting that you return for next year's Festival.

People have a tendency to forget to express a "Thank You for a job well done". Well, by this note we are doing just that. The comments we received (Mayor, Council Members, and staff) were all highly positive. Such comments as... "they were really good with the children", "The people really policed the area", and "Are you going to have them back next year?" are just a few examples.

In conclusion, you can use us as a reference and again, thank you for being an extra drawing attraction that made our Festival a grand success. Hoping to see you next year.

Very truly yours,

Mayor (name omitted*)

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, we employed Great American Shows for our Family Fun Festival. Our church and school are very family-oriented and we work hard to provide good, clean fun for our church familes.

We found Great American Shows to be just what we were looking for. We were very impressed with their willingness to help in any way and their ideas for promoting the festival with the merchants. Their patience and professionalism with the elderly from the local nursing home and the handicapped from the local state institution were exemplary!

All of their employees were helpful and very easy to work with. Each was very cooperative and understanding when last minute changes had to be made.

We highly recommend Great American Shows for your consideration.


Pastor (name omitted*)

Great American Shows
Great American Shows
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