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Consumer Tips to Prevent Amusement Ride Accidents
To help assure your children’s safety – and your own – here are the top 10 precautions you can take before, during, and after the ride:

  1. Assume an active role in determining whether a ride is appropriate for your child, especially if he or she is young.
  2. Watch the ride in operation before you allow your children to ride.
  3. Observe the ride operator.
  4. Keep hands and feet inside at all times.
  5. Sit down and hold on to safety restraints.
  6. Obey the ride operator’s instructions.
  7. Do not ride any ride if your are pregnant, have back, heart, head, neck, or any other medical condition where sudden and sometimes hard movements can re-injure you.  Those who are prone to seizures are also advised not to ride.  Customers with casts and other medical devices intended to help heal an injury are generally not permitted on a carnival ride, due to the severe risk of re-injury, as well as the patron's limited ability to properly hold on.
  8. Observe manufacturer’s age, height, and weight restrictions.
  9. Remain in the ride until it comes to a complete stop.
  10. Do not ride any ride if you are intoxicated in any way (including prescription medication).

Consumers should promptly report any problems or concerns to the ride owner or operator; the amusement park or sponsoring organization.

According to statistics, the majority of amusement ride injuries in the United States are caused by human error through lack of rider responsibility and not following posted safety rules - not mechanical failure of a ride.

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